Miscellaneous Fee

Miscellaneous fee

SSP fee 6,300PHP – SSP permit runs for six months
ACR I-CARD 3,300PHP – stay over 59 days (stay over 8weeks)
requirements : U.S Visa 4 photographs (Size – about 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5cm) square
VISA Extension fees 8weeks study: 1st – 3,340PHP (59days)
12weeks study: 2nd- 4,610PHP (89days)
16weeks study: 3rd – 2,640PHP (119days)
20weeks study: 4th – 2,640PHP (149days)
24weeks study: 5th – 2,640PHP (179days)
Dormitory deposit 3,000PHP (Deposits may be refundable at time of graduation)
Utility fee 2,000PHP (Per 4 weeks)
Text book ESL 1,000PHP(Per 4 weeks) / IELTS, TOEIC 2,000PHP (Per 4 weeks)
Student ID card 100PHP
Maintenance fee 600PHP (Per 4 weeks)

※ SSP, VISA Extension fees, ACR I-CARD can be changed by Immigration laws.