IELTS Official Test Dates

IELTS test dates

January 18 (Academic & General)
February 13 (Academic & General)
22(Academic only)
March 14 (Academic only)
21 (Academic & General)
April 11 (Academic only)
18 (Academic & General)
May 9 (Academic only)
30 (Academic & General)
June 6 (Academic only)
20 (Academic & General)
July Update soon
August Update soon
September Update soon
October Update soon
November Update soon
December Update soon

This is the schedule of official IELTS test in Baguio. IELTS students can take official IELTS in Baguio every month, the current IELTS test fee is 10,270pesos, around 220USD.
Before the official test, IELTS students can take mock test in TALK Academy.
Application for the official IELTS test is processed by the staff of the Academy.
We will inform the applicant of the place and time of examination.