The Beautiful Sunset in Malaysia!

Hi! I am Liz and I am a student of TALK Academy.

Last October 11, 2019, I traveled from Baguio to Malaysia, first I rode a bus going to Manila then boarded the plane that is headed to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I arrived at around 2:30 am. After buying sim card and exchanging money, I move to my booked hostel in Sabah.

October 12, 2019

I woke up late maybe because of the fatigue I had during the trip, then I went to Jesselton Point Waterfront to get a tour reservation. One of the tour guides gave me the list of the destination of the tour. I chose what he recommended me because I didn’t have any plan. The tour consists of three activities and Island Hopping, he was really kind enough to give me a discount.

After the reservation, I went to Suria Sabah shopping mall for dinner and shopping. The mall has different kinds of brands it was really tempting for me, but I only bought what I needed, the reason is that I carried only one backpack. So, I didn’t have enough space for shopping.

I went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. The food there was so satisfying that I ended up ordering a lot.

October 13, 2019

We went to Jesselton point at 8:30 am, I was with my friends. We rode a boat and went to Sapi Island. The first activity in our tour was parasailing, it was wonderful, I felt like I am flying while being towed by the boat

I could see the view from the sky.

They already prepared everything for diving when we arrived at Sapi dock. We first had our lesson on how to breathe in the water using the diving equipment and how to control the pressure.

After the lesson, we started the scuba diving
It felt fantastic while I am under the sea

I swam with pretty fishes and I could see various coral reefs. After diving, we moved to another island and we also enjoyed snorkeling. Overall, I am really satisfied with the activities of the tour and I thought I am so lucky to be with my friends.

The next day, I had another tour

I saw monkeys, crocodile, various birds, and so many beautiful fireflies at the mangrove forest. That was also an amazing experience for me.

The sea, the sky, the clouds, the trees and even the wind were perfect.

Finally, I came back to TALK Academy remembering the beautiful view of the sunset in Malaysia!