Trip to Taiwan from Student Rachel

This is Rachel from TALK Academy.

These days, the weather in Baguio is fantastic so I think it’s a good time to travel. I will spend my weekends to travel to Taiwan with my friends.

The ticket to Taiwan is cheaper in Manila Airport.

There are two main airports in the Philippines. The first is NAIA which stands for Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it is located in Manila and the second is Clark International Airport. Our booked ticket is scheduled to take-off in NAIA, so we went to Manila via Joy Bus.

Joy Bus is one of the bus company in the Philippines that offers a direct route from Baguio to Manila. We rode a deluxe bus, it is really comfortable inside and our trip took only around four hours. The bus has no stop over but do not worry because there is a small toilet inside if you need a toilet break. Blanket and a simple snack is provided, also the seat is spacious enough to sleep. It is unfortunate that I did not took a photo of the bus.

It is always exciting to travel

We arrived at Taiwan Airport safely!

Even though it was at dawn, there were many people in the airport. There is also a model representing the whole structure of the airport.

When we arrived we did not know that we need to deposit money, but it’s okay because we can get it back once we leave.

The deposit is quite expensive, I think it cost about 120,000 won.

They accept any currency for the deposit.

We booked an accommodation through Airbnb, but during our first day we booked a hotel near the airport, then the landlord picked us up to bring us in our booked accommodation.

This is a photo of the hostel taken the next day.

I think the hotel is good for its price. I made a reservation for YESJINJI bus tour in Korea. We have only a few days to travel so it’s best to make the most out of our trip.

YESJINJI is an acronym of Yehliu Geopark, Shifen Waterfalls, Jinhua and Jioufen.

So arriving at Taipei station, I moved to the airport bus stop and took bus 1518.

This bus also has extra charge!

After paying the bus ticket online, I printed it right at the airport with the code that I received and rode the bus.

This is the back square of Taipei Station. A lot of tour bus pick up their passengers here.

This is the picture of our bus

The bus is stable, wider and more comfortable than I think and I didn’t get bored during our trip.

This is the first destination of our tour “Shifen Waterfalls”
We had to cross the long bridge to see the waterfall.

The waterfall is bigger than I thought

There were a lot of people that day who came to see the waterfall and most of them is also a tourist like me.

They sell different kinds of food there like skewered meat and fruits. I really like their street foods.

We moved to the next spot located right next to Shifen Falls

This place is very famous for flying lanterns on train tracks. We wrote on our lanterns and flew it. The train passes by in the middle. It was so amazing that the train was passing by near the stores.

Chicken legs with fried rice is the most famous food here. The scent of spices is not strong but I think Koreans can enjoy it too.

I also recommend you to try peanut ice cream! It is chewy on the outside and there is peanut powder and ice cream inside.

This place is really famous for its coriander peanut ice cream.

Unfortunately it was sold out that time so I did not have the chance to try it so I just ate peanut ice cream.

If you have the chance, I recommend you to try it!

The next spot we went to was Yehliu Geopark.

The scenery was similar to Jeju island when entering the park.

There were many strange rock formations, I think it is caused by erosion and change in weather.

If you go inside the park, there are a lot of rocks that has different kind of shapes and sizes it was amazing.

The scenery goes so well with the sea, so I think it is also one of the most amazing spot of our tour.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to take a picture of the famous Queen Rock, but I am satisfied with my photo taken at Dragon Rock.

It is just time for dinner when we went to Jioufen.

Jioufen also has so many people and it was a little hard to move around. When you visit there make sure to come at night because it is a good place to take pictures especially when the lights are already turned on.

If you keep going up the stairs, you can see the famous cracker store and there are many shops selling different kinds of tea. If you want buy some product you need to tell your tour bus number and you can get a mug as a gift!

After the tour, we went to the night market

There are many night markets in Taiwan, but we went to Shilin Night Market, which is the closest to our hostel. We saw a lot of Koreans there and also other nationalities, as this place is a famous tourist spot.

Must-eat cheese potatoes in Taiwan and Sausages that go well with garlic sauce

Fresh dumplings and cheese prawns

If you are into desserts, I recommend mango ice cream

You can’t see picture, but I tried Durian and Stinky Tofu. It is more delicious than I thought, it was worth trying.

I was so happy with my short but memorable trip to Taiwan.

If you are studying in the Philippines, I recommend you to take a trip to Taiwan, this place is really good if you want to release stress.