Boracay, a must-to-go place!

Hello, we are students attending Talk Academy.

During a holiday, we booked a cheap airline ticket and went to Boracay for a trip. It is good to study hard, but being able to take such a good trip is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Now, let’s start with our trip.

On the first day, we took the Genesis bus to Clark, which leaves at 6:15 am. Because we could not make a reservation, we arrived about 30 minutes early and boarded safely. The price was 420 pesos, so I think it is cheap. If you are in a group it is also a good idea to use a van. The price of the van to Clark is 5,000 pesos for one-way. It takes about five hours by bus, but if you use the van, you can get there in three hours.

After arriving at Clark Airport safely, we ate at a restaurant in front of the airport. We ate very delicious food because it was our first meal after riding a bus for a long time. You have to pay airport tax at the airport. We paid 150 pesos per person because it is a domestic flight. We went to Caticlan Airport, which takes about an hour. When we got off at the airport. There were many drivers who said they are going to take us to Boracay, but we just passed by and went to the port via tricycle that is 50 pesos per person. We paid 125 pesos per person for shipping, including environmental taxes.

Finally, we arrived in Boracay and moved to the hotel using a tricycle again. We stayed at the hostel on the first and second day, and we were so happy to get free pick-up service to D mall, the main street. We unpacked, left for D mall and went shopping while eating the famous mango ice cream. I bought the snorkeling equipment for 500 pesos, but when I was swimming, my glasses were filled with water so I recommend that you buy it in Korea. There were many restaurants and bars on the beach, and we went into a Chinese restaurant. We went back to the hostel after eating food and drinking beer. It was a little late to go back, so we used a motorcycle, and we paid 50 pesos per person.

On the second day, we enjoyed surfing on the beach. The waves were so strong that we could not enjoy them properly, but we were pleased.

When the waves are strong I recommend that beginners should avoid surfing.

After that, we went back to the hostel, we took a shower and we moved back to the main street around D mall. We went to the Galaxy club which is famous in Boracay and drank at the VIP table. There were few people there, maybe because of the rainy season, so we were a little disappointed and moved to another place. There is a Korean karaoke near D mall, which was a very cool place, but soju was very expensive at 300 pesos per bottle. We sang joyfully, and went back to the hostel.

We moved to the resort on the last day. There is a swimming pool, and the room was very clean. We unpacked and went scuba diving. When we first heard the explanation, we were a little disappointed that we were only allowed for half hour in the water, but after that, we felt that 30 minutes was a very reasonable time. We were quickly exhausted, and it was harder than we thought. But we enjoyed scuba diving very much, and we went back to the resort swimming pool and swam.

For your information, scuba diving was 1,800 pesos per person.

It was cheap, but I think there is another famous scuba diving place. On our last evening, we went to a bar near the beach, and it was very hot because there was no air conditioner, so we went straight to the Korean karaoke. We had a good drink, went back to the resort and drank a little more, then checked out early in the morning and went back to the airport. It takes about an hour from Main Street to the airport, so be careful not to be late. We used a van to get back to Baguio, and it is definitely faster than the bus. Three nights and four days have passed in Boracay. It was a beautiful memory. If you come to Talk Academy, I recommend you to plan a trip like this.

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