Spending my Last Weekend in San Fernando

This travel plan was my last weekend plan in Baguio.

First of all, I was not planning to travel because I heard Philippines is a very dangerous place but during my stay here I felt safe.

I planned to go to San Fernando on my last weekend with local friends whom my previous roommate introduced to me. She has work on Sunday so I changed my plan to go on Friday. San Fernando is famous for beaches so we planned to do surfing there.

At around 8 ‘o clock, we went to the bus terminal which is near SM mall. We bought a bus ticket but it was hard to read so when there were no local friends, it will be difficult taking a bus.

Soon after we arrived, we went to the landmark which represents San Fernando. Then went to her house to leave our bags. In this place, they are using motorcycle for transportation not taxi. Using this transportation, we went to pagoda park with her dog. That park overviews San Juan beach but the weather was not very good so it was not very clear at that time. The rain was too heavy so we stayed there for almost 3 hours.

We ride a jeepney to go to San Juan and planned to surf there but after 1 hour of instruction about surfing, the rain begun pouring so we could not surf. We just stayed at the nearest cafe and then went back to the house and rest.

Next day, we were planning to go to night market but it did not open. We just took a rest in the house, played bowling and watched a movie because of foggy weather and heavy rain. Also, the following day was the same so we just decided to go back to Baguio. I recommend not to travel when it is rainy season. However, this experience is very unique so when you are planning to travel somewhere I recommend you to go there with other nationalities. You can enjoy things and also you can improve your English skills.

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