Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay

Two months after I started studying English at Baguio Talk Academy, my son and I were excited to go on a trip to Boracay. My son PAUL wanted to learn English to be a major league baseball player. I left my teaching career for 11 years and left with my son for 3 months in Baguio Talk Language School in Philippines. After 2 months in 3 months, I loaded my VICTORY LINER with my reserved airline ticket and passport and left for Angeles, near Clark Airport. The bus departure time was 9:00 in the morning and the arrival time was 2:00 pm, so the bus took about 5 hours. We arrived at the Dow Bus Terminal in Angeles. We went to the hostel by using the grab, unpacked at the hostel, took lunch in the tricycle and went to the nearby SM Mall to play with the son’s favorite game. After dinner, we went to the hotel and went to sleep for tomorrow.

(AM Clark Airport)

We departed at Clark Airport at 8 am using a van that made reservations in advance at the hotel. The airplane time was 10:20 am, so I had enough time for two hours. I arrived at the airport, but before I even thought that it would be different from my country to check the airplane ticket at the airport gate and bring it in the terminal, I was so embarrassed that I could not print the airplane ticket in short English. Later, he handed over to a rather high man. He asked me if he was kind enough to speak Korean. He was so good that we could get inside the terminal. I knew for the first time whether it was so difficult to get into the plane terminal. I could not help but be embarrassed when I got into the airport. When I clarked in Korea, I thought it was great and big, but there was no place to eat in the terminal, and the procedure desk was very shy and laughter came out. Fortunately, I was just grateful for coming into the terminal. So we headed to the Beppu Pacific Information Desk and fortunately issued a ticket to the passport, and we were able to go through the immigration check. At first I was in line with the general, and I had a young son, so the guide gave me a side line so I could quickly get us through. So we finished the procedure with the first step and came to the gate where there was finally a place to eat. A few restaurants, I bought a sandwich, and we lightly hunger. Our rich man waited for the boarding time to arrive soon and within a short time, we set off on a flight to Boracay.

(Afternoon entrance to Boracay)

We finally arrived in Boracay, which we had hoped for. My son, PAUL, is so goddessed that he is taking pictures with my dad at the airport and he is already taking pose. ~ Besides, he is laughing because he is asking me to make a cut too exciting, so I laughed and grasped the button. ~~~~~ ~

We asked for pick-up sanding from the airport to the hostel and asked for 700 pesos per person. It was so expensive that I got out of the airport and picked up a picket and got 50 pesos, so I went to find a lot of tricycles. That’s 150 pesos per unit. So we went to the jetty port, where we told the couple to pay 250 pesos, so I dropped the enemy, so I took the boat and we are finally ready to go into Boracay Island! Four sisters who got on board. My sisters came from Jeju Island and said they were here for the first time. My son, PAUL (Dooyun), praised it as a good looking and how he asked me how I came to my dad. My son wanted to study English, wrote paternity leave, talked about Talk Academy in Baguio, the best living in the Philippines. I do not want to forget my sisters anyway, but my rich Taji Philippines Baguio Talk Academy life is a lot of reminds me a lot of very satisfactory. Soon after we arrived at Boracay Island, we arrived at the Alice Wonderland Hotel on a tricycle, and as soon as we checked in and unpacked our son, PAUL (Dooyun) started to try to give it to him soon. I woke up early in the morning to take my son, ride a plane, ride a tricycle, ride a tricycle, and I was really worried about getting to my hotel. I wanted to sleep as soon as I lie down in the hotel bed, but when I saw my son, I was ready to swim and then went out to see the beach in front of my eyes, but my feet feel light? Suddenly, I thank my son who was a little hateful. The water on the beach is clean, the waters are warm, the wind is a bit cool, and the waves that are slightly pushed up make us climax at the height of the water. After we had finished the bathing, we entered the hotel and took a clean shower, then we went out and got a massage and started walking on the beach street for dinner. At this time, the local people began to get attached to us. I was asking for the first price and he told me to hop for 3,000 pesos. It costs 67,000 won for my money … It’s too expensive for Korean. Then 2,500 pesos. The price has been reduced to 1,200 pesos because of the constant price, so our rich man decided to do it here and made a promise with a down payment of 200 pesos. I went looking for it tomorrow, and the massage was also overpriced. The first price was 1,000 pesos too expensive, so he kept it down. So the price went down to 400 pesos. So my son PAUL got 350 pesos for a growth massage and 400 pesos for a massage. I would like to live in Boracay for a massage, but I really wanted to go slowly, but the time is faster than the running water and the time to get a massage is getting late. We pass the restaurant to cool off the massage and soothe the hungry ship, and the pizza place is playing live music. So we went to a café-like restaurant and it was the first time we heard the name of it as 8 pieces of pizza. Time passed and we had a pizza we ordered and I had to eat like a starving person on the 3rd day without paying attention to my son. While my son was eating one piece, I noticed that he ate three pieces and when he ate the fourth he saw a son who had to be tall and thought he had no conscience to eat only five pieces of pizza. My son is trying to eat only two pieces, but I think it is meaningless to concede that he can keep the conscience of conscience, and forcing his son to eat the third and enjoyable atmosphere was able to continue. We were able to finish the day and finish dinner and finish our first day trip in Boracay back to our hostel.

(Boracay Day 2)

We got up early in the morning and went down to the lounge to have a breakfast at the hotel to have a hopping tour booked yesterday. My son ordered ham sausage toast and mango juice, and I ordered Slide bacon toast and americano. The food we ordered came out and ate it, but the taste was sour. But I was happy to go hopping, and I could not tell where the food went. When I went out of the hotel and thought I was not buying it, I met a person who made reservations yesterday, as the hopping seller who kindly treated me yesterday told me that the bad idea is harmful to health. He was so happy to welcome us so warmly that we walked to the boat to do a hopping tour. The weather was so good that I felt like it was flying, but there was a bit of worry about the skin getting black. But my son, PAUL (Dooyun) was standing in the shade while I waited for him to say something like that, but he did not care about the sun or the shade. A little later, the ship arrived to guide us through hopping. The boat we were on was mostly Filipinos. We got on a boat and wore a life jacket so that we could live in the boat. Our son, PAUL (Dooyun), thought he was snorkeling right when he put on his life jacket, and now he was jumping into the sea right now, but he began to calm down as he realized everyone else was quietly sitting on the boat. We had 20 minutes to appreciate the Boracay Island away from the ship, and over time we had a short time to take pictures with the other side of Boracay. We took pictures that could be left behind by using the interlude, and this is the only picture taken by someone else. We got back in the ship and now we finally go snorkeling and finally snorkeling started and our son PAUL put his face into the water like the meat we met and heeded it again and again, I swallowed my head …. I repeat this, and the snorkeling is over. I thought that we were finished by moving to another place. Thanks to the captain who helped me to snorkel in another place. I was able to make snorkeling even more fun. My son was tired and the second time he was on the snorkeling boat, he went to another place and asked if he would snorkel. We moved to another island for lunch after the move, but it was as if it was a local run by the local people here. We ate there on a hungry meal, and at the end of our trip to the hotel after eating rice, we asked the local Filipinos how much we wanted to do again and they said that they had to pay 450 pesos per person. So we forgot to think that it was cheap, what did we get? I thought that the friendly smile would be ‘my money?’ I thought I would have to pay 500 pesos per person for the second hopping. I will reserve one thousand pesos again for the staff who made the reservation, come to the hotel and pledge the next day to sleep.

(Boracay Day 3)

I had a good trip but I thought my trip was another break, so my son, PAUL (Dooyun), played at the am beach, had lunch and then took a break and suggested to play in the sea again in the afternoon. Of course I wanted to do other activities, but PAUL was not interested in helmet diving or jet skiing. We were jumping into the sea from the morning because of the vague scare that we did not hate but to go into the sea. However, due to the tide, the water was slightly dirty. There is some seaweed on the edge of the beach. I have only two of us, but I have talked to them because I have a PAUL (Dooyun) peer beside me, and when I was 9 years old, I thought that it would be perfect if I play with Daoyun. Then the little girl went out of the sea and brought her cousin sister. My cousin sincerely greeted us and luckily wanted to play together. My son PAUL (Dooyun) also had a friend of his age, so I got on a wave of fun more fun. PAUL (Dooyun) that look at the father’s heart was much lighter. We were able to finish our lunch by sharing the greeting of the breakup. We took a break and went back to the sea to greet the waves and say hello to the waves as we watched carefully and started the afternoon schedule. PAUL (Dooyun) wanted to kayak and challenged the kayak again. Much better than the first, balancing was even more spectacular than the sea-breaking general. We spent the afternoon happily and finished the day.

(Boracay 4th day)

We went hurrying in the morning. Today, the wind was blowing so that the ships were docking in different places. There I met a new friend. I had the same age, and I had a hairdresser with me. It was such a wonderful friend. Their families looked so good. So I suggested. I will guide you when you come to Korea next time … I have a belief in what I have to say, so I asked my friend. I asked my friend ‘s wife if she came to me during the summer vacation or winter vacation. When I come to Korea, I want to go to the most places … and then I want to go to Yellow Tree. Within a short time, I searched for it with an intuition called Nami Island, and it turned out to be correct. I thought about it. I promised the greatness of Korean dramas. PAUL (Dooyun) met her new sister on the boat. The little boy came from Las Vegas, USA … PAUL likes his brother more than his sister but he is the only one with his younger brother so I see him getting friendly with his brother. I thought, but I thought it was just a thought …. We hopped in the same place as the first time, everyone ate lunch together. Our rich people were happy, and their families seemed very happy. I wanted to stop everything, but I did not have the time to be sick. We broke off naturally after hopping and started surfing back to the beach in front of the hostel and the finishing touches of the trip. Son PAUL (Dooyun) was not tired. I can not forget the expression of wanting to live in the sea. We could see that the time has come to close the last trip is keeping the promise to make it at the last good buffet. It is probably the best atmosphere and the best taste there.

(Boracay last day)

We had to prepare from early morning to catch the flight at 8:20 in the morning. So we hurriedly took the tricycle to the marina, but the mood was a little chilly. The ticket office was fortunate enough to hear the word that it was 8 pm on the first day because it was trying to quit the ticket. If we miss the ship …… evil ~ ~ told the ticket office staff. Our flight time was 8:20 and I asked him to teach me how to do it. The friendly staff came out and took us to the tricycle again and said to the driver what he said in the blog. My rich man was lucky to be silent and only to follow the direction of the knight. It was a marina that we took off for 10 minutes when we entered Boracay Island. So we quickly cut off the ticket and went to the ship, but the line was broken before us. We were fortunate enough to finally get on that ship without any help from our staff. We took a boat for about 10 minutes and arrived at the marina. So I ran as soon as I came down, and I was going to get to the tricycle just like when I came, the employee who was in charge of the tricycle was said to be free. I thought to myself, “Why is it free?” It was only later that I realized that the sticking of a sticker to our chest when we were on the boat meant that we had to go to the airport on the Freeroll Tricycles. Son PAUL (Dooyun) said the sticker says that Boracay is a heart that loves us. It was because the sticker was written I Heart YOU. We were able to finish a beautiful trip as rich as a sticker.

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