Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay

Two months after I started studying English at TALK Academy in Baguio City, my son and I were excited to go on a trip to Boracay. My son Paul wanted to learn English to be a major league baseball player. I left my teaching career for 11 years and studied with my son for 3 months in TALK Academy, Baguio City Philippines. After 2 months of studying, we did a vacation trip to Boracay.

I booked a ticket in Victory Liner going to Angeles, near Clark Airport and also booked a flight to Boracay. The bus departure time is 9:00 in the morning and the arrival time is 2:00 pm, so the bus took about 5 hours. We arrived at the Dau Bus Terminal in Angeles. We went to the hostel using grab, unpacked at the hostel, had lunch in the tricycle and went to the nearby SM Mall to play with my son’s favorite game. After dinner, we went to the hotel and went to sleep for tomorrow.

Morning at Clark Airport

We departed to Clark Airport at 8 am using a van that we reserved in advance from the hotel. Our flight was scheduled at 10:20 am, so I had enough time to make sure if everything is okay. We arrived at the airport and that moment I knew that it will be difficult to get into the boarding gate, because my English-speaking skill was not good enough. I could not help but be embarrassed when we got into the airport.

We headed to the Cebu Pacific Information Desk and fortunately we were issued a ticket, and we were able to go through the immigration check. At first, I was lining up with the others but the guide saw me that I was with my young son, so the guide gave me a pass so we could quickly finish the process in the immigration.

So we finished the first step and went to the gate where there is finally a place to eat. I bought a sandwich and it lightly relieved our hunger. Within a short time, we set off on a flight to Boracay.

Afternoon in Boracay

Finally, we arrived in Boracay

We asked for pick-up from the airport to the hostel but it costs for 700 pesos per person. It was so expensive that I opted to ride on a tricycle instead. It is only 150 pesos per unit. So we went to the jetty port, and the boat owner told us to pay 250 pesos and we were finally ready to go into Boracay Island! My sisters also got on board with us. My sisters came from Jeju Island and said they were here for the first time. After we arrived in the Island, we went to Alice in Wonderland Hotel by tricycle.

We checked in and unpacked.

I wanted to sleep as I lie down in the hotel bed, but when I saw my son’s excitement, I got up and we went out to see the beach. My son is really happy. The water on the beach is clean and warm. The wind is also a bit cool, the waves that were splashing back and forth the beach made us happy. After swimming, we entered the hotel and took a shower.

Then we went out and started walking on the beach to look for a restaurant to eat dinner. At that time we met local people and they were really friendly. I was asking for the price of Island hopping and someone told me the price is 3000 pesos. It is equivalent to 67,000 won in Korean money and it is too expensive. I tried to make a bargain and luckily, it was reduced to 1200 pesos and we gave a down payment of 200 pesos.

The massage was also overpriced. The first price was 1,000 pesos we asked for a discount so the price went down to 400 pesos. Paul had his massage for 350 pesos and 400 pesos for my massage. I would like to live in Boracay because of the massage service but I really wanted to do things slowly. Really time flies when you’re having fun and it is already getting late so we finished the massage session. We passed by the restaurant to cool off from the massage, and the pizza place was playing live music. So we went to a cafe-like restaurant and it was the first time we heard the name “8 pieces of pizza”. Time passed and we had the pizza, we ordered and I had to eat like a starving person without paying attention to my son. We were able to finish the day with satisfaction.

Second Day in Boracay

We got up early in the morning and went down to the lounge to have breakfast at the hotel before going to the island hopping tour we booked yesterday. My son ordered ham sausage toast and mango juice, and I ordered Slide bacon toast and americano. The food we ordered arrived and we ate it. I was happy to go island hopping, we met the person who will accompany and guide us in our trip, he was so happy to welcome us.

The weather was so good, but there was a bit of worry about our skin getting dark. My son was standing in the shade while I waited for him to say something like that, but he did not care about getting sunburned. The boatman arrived to guide us through our trip. The boat we were on was mostly occupied by Filipinos. We got on the boat and wore a life jacket, my son thought we are going snorkeling when he wore the life jacket.

Twenty minutes is only the given time for us to appreciate the Island during our island hopping it was really a short time so we to took pictures and just enjoyed our tour. We got back on the ship and finally went snorkeling, Paul became very excited and active. I am also thankful to the captain who helped us to snorkel in different spots and made our snorkeling even more fun.

We were really hungry so we moved to another island to eat lunch, after our meal we went back to the hotel. Our tour was really satisfying.

Third Day in Boracay

I had a good trip my son, PAUL (Dooyun), played in the morning at the beach, had lunch and then took a break and I suggested to play in the sea again in the afternoon. I wanted to do other activities, but Paul was not interested in helmet diving or jet skiing. We were jumping and playing in the beach however, due to the tide the water was slightly dirty as there are some seaweed at the shore.

There was also a kid who is playing in the beach, I talked to her she was nine years old and I thought that it would be perfect if she plays with Paul. Then the little girl went out of the sea and brought her sister. Her sister greeted us and wanted to play. My son was really happy to play with someone of his age.

Lunch time came so we had our meal,we finished our lunch, took a break and went back to the sea to play in the waves. Paul wanted to kayak so I let him do it. We spent the afternoon happily.

Fourth Day in Boracay

We went hurrying in the morning that day the wind was blowing strongly so the ships were docking at different places. There I met a new friend same age as me, and he was a hairdresser. He’s such a wonderful friend and his family looked so happy. So I suggested that I will guide them when they come to Korea next time.

I asked my friend ‘s wife if she will come during summer vacation or winter vacation. When they come to Korea, I want them to go to most places and then I want them to go to Yellow Tree. I searched for Nami Island and suggested it to them because it is known in some Korean dramas.

Paul met a new friend on the boat and the boy is from Las Vegas, USA. We hopped in the same island with them and ate lunch together. Our companions were happy, and their families seemed very happy. We said our goodbyes after hopping and started surfing back to the beach in front of the hostel. My Son was not tired. I can not forget his expression of wanting to live beside the sea. We could see that the time has come to end our trip and we celebrated it through our last dinner buffet.

Last Day in Boracay

We had to prepare in the early morning to catch the flight at 8:20 in the morning. So we hurriedly took the tricycle to the Marina, but the mood was a little chilly. Our flight time was 8:20 am, we were fortunate enough to finally get on the ship. We took a boat for about 10 minutes and arrived at the bay. So we ran as soon as we got off the boat and got on a tricycle.

When I was going to pay the fare, the tricycle driver said it was free, I was shocked I asked myself “why is it free?” it was then that I realized that the sticker on our chest meant that we had to go to the airport using the “Freeroll Tricycles”. My son Paul said the sticker says that Boracay is a heart that loves us, “I Heart You” was written in the sticker. We were able to finish this beautiful trip with smiles on our faces.

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