After 14 weeks of coming to Baguio Talk Academy, I finally decided to take a trip to another city. Baguio is a city built on top of a mountain, so the chance to see the sea is not easy unless you are satisfied with it. That’s why I chose the Hundred Islands. It is named hundred islands, because it consists over 100 islands. We visited the island early in the morning after our departure that evening. It is recommended that accommodation should not be far from the beach. It is expensive to enter the island, but it is a little limited, so the lodging where we stayed was a Garden hotel where the meat could be roasted and eaten, and in the morning, we prepared a separate meal at the outdoor bungalow. It was a simple meal with fruit drink but eaten in a garden with palm trees and fruit trees around it made me feel better before visiting the island.

Before entering the island, I went to the place where the model of the main islands are located and kept my eye on where to go. You can choose the island you want to enter, or you can ask the person who drives the boat to recommend it. We had taken a walk around the islands and pick a place where the islands are connected by buoys, take a break and take a picture. ^^

And we moved to an island with many activities like banana boat and zip line.

This picture was taken in the island where banana boat riding can be experienced. As you can see the view is really beautiful.

Then we moved to the island, a hot spot for snorkeling, and played in the water.

Studying hard and releasing stress with weekend activities was enough to be a new source of energy. It was really enjoyable and I would like to go there again.

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