Lauv’s concert in Manila from Student Mina

On Sunday morning, I left for Manila to watch Lauv’s concert.

Lauv is going around Asia. He is an American singer-songwriter.

I knew Lauv was having a concert in Manila, so I thought I should go.

The main reason is because I really like the singer, second, I thought that watching a concert in the Philippines would be hard to do again.

I booked the first class bus in advance, because it’s comfortable.

I can arrive in my destination within 5 hours. In addition, a restroom is inside the bus, so it’s very convenient. I can watch videos to kill time, I can also recharge my phone inside the vehicle.

We arrived in Pasay City, Manila around noon; I used Grab to move to the hotel. I booked it near Greenbelt, with big shopping malls.

It is a good place for family healing because it is well organized.

I went to the hotel afterwards, we shopped some clothing and we saw Okada fountain show. In addition, the Okada Hotel in Manila was good to visit because there is a big casino inside.

After watching the fountain show, we went back to the hotel.
We ate dinner in the restaurant and slept early.

The next morning we got up early and headed back to the Greenbelt mall, went shopping, and rode the Grab to Cubao, where the concert hall was located.

We found out that we left our tickets at the hotel while drinking coffee at the cafe. Our cellphone didn’t work, so we sent a message to the manager to explain our problem and ask the hotel to call. The manager and vice president contacted the hotel and took the ticket from the hotel. We immediately went there by Grab. It took us two hours to get there because of traffic jam, but got our ticket thanks to the manager and vice president.

If we didn’t find the ticket probably we wouldn’t have seen the concert.

I really enjoyed watching and listening to my favorite singer and sharing it with my best-friend.

It was very special for me to be able to see the concert in Manila.

I did not understand the singer because he speaks so fast, but I thought I was good at studying English because I could understand it little by little and communicate with other audiences.

The concert ended around 11:00 pm and I had to take the 12:15 am bus that I had reserved in advance.

Many people came out of the concert hall at once, so we couldn’t catch Grab, fortunately, the bus stop is 15 minutes away from our location so we decided to walk there using Google Navigation.

It was possible because my teachers told me the location of the concert and bus station in advance.

We arrived safely at Baguio city at 5 am

When we got there, taxis are waiting right in front of us, so we can easily go back to the Academy.

As soon as I came back to the dormitory, I felt like I came home.

I felt uncomfortable at first, but now I feel at home.

that trip was successful because of the help of my teachers as well as the manager.