Valley of Colors & Bell Church

Today, I would like to introduce some places near Baguio language school to visit while you are studying.

La Trinidad, Bontoc Rd., Benguet 2601

The location is as above.

Color of Valley boasts colorful view!

The colorful houses are gathered.

There are also strawberry farms around, and there are strawberry-shaped murals.

It takes about an hour by car from Baguio

There are much dust all over the world these days, but Baguio in the Philippines has a cool weather like autumn. Its sky has no fine dust.

Do you feel like you’re in a fairyland?

The next place to introduce is Bell Church!

Bell church is like an ordinary temple!

Valley of Color – Bell Church – Strawberry Farm is a weekend getaway for day trips.

It’s not a particularly active place.

If you’re feeling bored in Baguio

I think it would be nice to have a nostalgic, refreshing and cool head over the weekend!

It is a weekend excursion to Talk Language School students.

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