Trip to Hundred Islands by: John and Henry


Companions and Destination

1. Make a team for the trip

2. Pick the destination with the members and discuss the activities.

Arranging Van and Accomodation

1. We have to book a room, a van and accommodation 2 or 3 weeks prior because of the Philippine’s Easter event.

2. Luckily we could book our room easily thanks to T. MARK. (Renting a van is good for many people.)

3. It is necessary to confirm your reservation by telephone, mail or text.(In advance, because it is possible to be canceled even though you reserved it through the hotel booking site.)


1. You can save your money if you buy the things you need in SM prior to the said travel because the prices in vacation spots are more expensive than Baguio City’s (Also Korean food and products are difficult to buy there so you have to buy them before you go.)

2. If you check where the mart or convenience store is in your destination, it will be helpful for you to buy necessary items.

Booking Activities

A friend of the hotel owner accompanied us to Alaminos and helped us book our activities;

Helmet diving(400)
Banana boat(250)
Booking boat to Hundred Island(300)

Including the entrance fee of Hundred Island. Even if there is no person who helps you there, you don’t need to worry. I think they seem to rip off foreigners, so be careful.

The lodging we booked: Lucap Alaminos City Pangasinan Hundred Island, 2404 Alaminos, Pangasinan

Contact Nos.: 091 8789 0639 / 091 8253 4095

The condition of the lodging was poor at water pressure and we tasted a little bit rust while we were brushing our teeth.

That’s why I don’t recommend this accommodation.

We paid 18000 pesos for 2 rooms (6 people can stay), for 3 days and 2 nights and 13000 pesos for three-day van rented.

April 18th

1:00 AM ~ 4:30 AM

We started early because we were concerned about the traffic jam of the holiday. But it unexpectedly took only 3 hours so we checked-in early.

10:00 AM ~ 10:40 AM

We made a reservation of the activities.

10:40 AM ~ 12:00 PM

We took a boat and moved to the first activity place, the helmet diving. It was too boring to wait in the boat so we dived into the water without hesitation. The helmet is really heavy so you should be careful.. You can see lots of fish and Nemo (Clark’s anemone fish). We fed the fish and we were really delighted (Cold drink and beer are essential).

12:00 PM ~ 1:30 PM

We moved for the Snorkeling and enjoyed it a lot. Drowning one another and enjoying snorkeling, we had a lot fun. A few people terribly watched a sea snake, but we were happy enough.

1:30 PM ~ 2:00 PM

The highlight of the Hundred Islands was the cave diving. In the middle of the island, there is a diving spot. We dived there looking down the ocean. It was quite high so many people gave it up but Henry and I, the bravest men, dived from the highest spot. It’s not secret that it took 3 seconds to touch down the water.

2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM

At last we moved to Quezon island. There were lots of activities and we took a banana boat which accommodated 10 people. Banana boat in the Philippines is just like sightseeing so we asked the driver to turn it over. Falling in the middle of the ocean was really exciting that I can’t write in words.

3:00 PM ~ 3:40 PM

After all of the activities, we got ready to go back to the room. In Alaminos, it gets dark at 6 PM. It’s really dangerous getting around outside Alaminos comparing to Baguio so you need to be careful when travel there.

3:40 PM ~ 4:30 PM

After we arrived at the lodging, we took a shower and rested.

4:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM

While everybody was resting, we were ready for Barbecue party. We made charcoal fire, corn cheese, green onion with sauce, ramen, etc. We prepared lots of foods which goes well with pork. Also, a few of our members went to the market and prepared necessities such as water, alcohol and other food. We also bought tiger shrimps because we were in the beach.

6:00 PM Onward

We started the Barbecue party and all of us enjoyed alcohol, pork, and shrimp. endlessly……. Some people rested for the next day and some were drunken. But I stayed up until the end of the party.

April 19th

2:00 PM

When we woke up it was raining cats and dogs.

2:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

Suddenly it stopped and rained again. After the rain we looked at the dark clouds and its gone so we visited the Bolo beach in front of Hundred Islands, its water was too clean and a little deep area of the beach was perfect place to play. So we carried each other and threw into the beach and enjoyed playing in the sea. We especially took away each others cap and made sandcastle it was funny, hence Filipino watched us wonderfully. But same as yesterday it got dark early so we went home early.

5:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM

After we returned to our room, we got ready for the second Barbecue party. But yesterday we ate too much meat and drank alcohol, so we needed to buy again. Moreover, someone stole our 1 kg pork, so we were also angry. Unfortunately, after arriving in Alaminos city, we found out that lots of market were closed. Because of the holiday. But we didn’t feel embarrassed and it was possible for us to buy chicken and tiger shrimp.

6:30 PM

Same as yesterday we did barbecue party with chicken, shrimp and pasta.

Furthermore, we made a team and we enjoyed alcohol games and speaking with body games. The losers did the dishes. It was really sad that we have to go back to Talk Academy tomorrow.

April 20th

10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM

We enjoyed our 2 days eating and playing, as well as we waking up late and eating brunch. Then, we were ready to go back to the academy. We checked our luggage and put them into the Van. Later, we gave drinks and tips to the driver, who was kind and responsible. After that we left there.

12:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM

Because of the holiday it took us an hour longer to travel than previously. It was so silent in the Van because we were all so tired. We arrived at the academy. Thus, we enjoyed our weekends.

First, I didn’t know that I could travel here because my own purpose was to study only. But I recommend that you enjoy as much as you can and experience new things here most of all study well.