Trip to Olongapo from Student Aiden

I took my parents to travel to Olongapo.

Since the taxi is not common like in Baguio, the hotel requested to use the grab taxi going to Olongapo.

We crossed a bridge around Subic and about 20 minutes later, we were able to get to Olongapo. There is a limit to various activities that my elderly parents can do. At the request of my parents, we arranged a visit to the museum, the local traditional market, and to the Harbor Point Mall.

The Subic SBMA is designated as a foreign investment complex and is separated from neighboring cities, so there is a control over access from the outside. So it is said to be a safe neighborhood similar to Baguio and Subic.

When we went to the Baguio Museum, the admission fee was around 1,000 won for Korean money, and it is also the same price with Olongapo City museum. Although there were many differences with Korea’s large museums, it was a good chance to understand the history of Olongapo with a low cost.

It is said that the naval forces supporting the rear during the Korean War were newly stationed in the Olongapo area. It was an unexpected plan that came up with the advice of my parents that I had to experience a small museum when traveling to another country.

We moved to a local traditional market and took the time to observe the life of the Filipinos. I have never felt the hot weather while I was studying in Baguio. Because of the heat, I want to eat tropical fruits like mangosteen and other Philippine fruits.

The markets are not as hygienic as Korean markets but it was genuine.

After observing the market, my parents urged me to walk at Harbor Point Mall. Before I came to the Philippines, I promised to buy clothes and bags from Harbor Point Mall. Harbor Point is a large shopping mall in Olongapo.

My teachers told me that they have the advantage of being able to buy at a slightly lower price. Each of my parents bought one bag and one suit each. We also do that in Korea, but it seems that it was a meaningful time to use English in a strange country and to ask around with my family around.

The purpose of this trip was to travel as an alleviating activity for my parents who were busy working. Although it was a short time, this trip is full of good memories that I will cherish. I promise that I will continue to study for the rest of my life

Finally, I finished the trip.