Hiking Trip at Mount Pigingan

Hello, My name is Naru and I’m a Japanese manager from TALK Academy I’m going to tell a story about my hiking trip at Mt. Pigingan with our teachers and students.

We met at the jeepney station at 5 am. We also had breakfast in a bakery and headed to Itogon where the mountain is located. One of our teachers booked a jeepney for 9 people.

After an hour, we arrived at the base of the mountain we also registered our name and address and they provided a guide for us.

We transferred to another jeepney and headed to the starting point. The road was rough and winding we sometimes passed along the edge of the cliff. After 30 minutes, we arrived.

It’s time to start hiking! As soon as we started, we crossed a suspension bridge. The ropes were made of steel but some boards had fallen out or slanted. It was thrilling.

We hiked the easy path for an hour, and then it became steep. As long as I walk slowly, I am okay. We sometimes have some break, we were left behind by a fast group and later on, we were separated from them.

After walking for two hours one of students got tired so we stopped by a shop to take a rest.

According to the guide, it will take 2 more hours to reach the summit and the path will be more difficult so the student decided to give up forward then.

The guide and I started to hike again to catch up with the others and after 1 hour of walking on sand, grassland, forest and rocky stretches for a total of 4 hours, finally we got to the summit!

We loved the splendid view of the beautiful mountains and most especially the clear sky.

I didn’t expect this because it was very hard but we enjoyed the trip away from the crowded city and we felt our stress was relieved.

If you don’t have enough confidence in your physical ability of course I won’t recommend this to you. However, if you like strenuous activities or doing exercises, you must try it!

In Baguio city, there are a lot of mountains that you can hike. Some are easy some are hard. After that I couldn’t move from my bed for the next 2 days. Please be careful if you are not used to it!