Our Precious Travel in Hundred Island

At the end of a long, long language training session at Talk Academy, the graduates and our final trip to the Hundred Islands were scheduled for three nights and four days.
Even before our departure, we had no idea that this day would come. But time passed by quickly, and we were already stepping on Alaminos City, not Baguio.
When I first arrived here, I went to McDonald’s to have a simple lunch, check in my accommodation, go to a nearby public market and SM Save Mall to buy ingredients for dinner, and I also bought ingredients for breakfast the next day. I bought many kinds of food and came back to dormitory because it was the first day and the time was late, I could not go to the sea, so I spent time making dinner at the dorm.
Finally, the next day came, and we wore group T-shirts purchased from Baguio Public Market, headed from Alaminos to Hundred Islands.
Tricycle is used for transportation, and the fare is about 100 pesos for 10 minutes, but the fare varies from driver to driver, so you can move more cheaply if you bargain.
Our destination was the Lucap Port, and once we get there, we must first go to a place called the Tourism Office and fill out a registration form. At this time, boatman can also be hired, and activity can.
We rented 1,800 pesos of medium-sized boat, because the teacher does not recommend small boat to us. Because they said it would be very uncomfortable for four people, so we rented a medium-sized boat. If you hire a boatman, you can see all the islands here. Whatever you say, they’ll take you anywhere. Of course it’s the daily price.
We didn’t do much activity here, but I highly recommend this one. It’s a zip line. I told the boatman I wanted the longest 500 meter course and he took me right away. And here, you can listen to a brief explanation and give a tip. And you always have to keep the time in mind because you have to return to the port by five. Finally, we gave tip of 100 pesos per boatman.
Wrapping up all the activities, I came up to the port and went to a restaurant recommended by a teacher. To be honest, the taste was not good. But the atmosphere was better than any other restaurants. Some people improvised and sang in front of me. I think it was a restaurant worth visiting just by looking at the sunset while eating pasta.
On the way back, we returned to our quarters using tricycle. The caution is at night, which most articles say is to charge extra and pay high rates. But don’t say you’re going to get on right here, but let’s take a look around some other places. Then you can go as far as Alaminos at 100 pesos as you did.