The Unforgettable Experience in San Juan

Departure at 10:00am, February 7th, 2020.
We left for SAN JUAN by bus to SAN Fernando.
After we arrived, we went for lunch in Tipple Brew.
We ate pancake and beef rice.
Then we are ready to go to the beach!!
We arrived at the beach and played in the water.
And I went surfing for 4 hours.
We throw our body in the rough seas, We didn’t know that the time went by.
We had fun. And by evening, we could see the beautiful sunset.
After surfing, I made precious memories by taking pictures with my friends.
I went back to the dorm, washed, and got ready for dinner.
We had dinner while watching the sea at a restaurant
in front of the beach.
The restaurant has live entertainment.
Keynes and Kloe sang a song to create a good atmosphere.
it was more fun and special night.
After dinner, I took a picture on my way back to my dorm. On our way to dorm, We stopped by 7-eleven and bought some snacks. We spent the night eating snacks, talking and playing games.
We had a great time even for a short time and made unforgettable memories with our batchmates.
It is a way of getting out for a while
from our daily routine of studying in the academy.