[Baguio] Mines View

Address: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View
Business Hours: by Jeepney or taxi
Open to Close: 8 AM – 8 PM
Website: http://www.cityofpines.com/minesviewpark.html

In Baguio, Mines View is one of the well-known attractions. Many Filipinos love visiting the place when they come for their vacation.

Perhaps, it is the reason there is always heavy traffic near Mines View. Well, some of my friends were disappointed in the scenery, but I loved it for I did not expect so much.

Mines View were crowded by Filipinos. I guess just a few Korean and the other nationality students visited there.

I was so curious that I asked it to a local. She said, the view is uncommon for natives, so most visitors are Filipinos.

In Mines View, there are photo zones and souvenir stores. Also, you can enjoy Filipino food as there are some Filipino restaurants and stalls. There are horses and traditional clothes of Baguio, which you can take photos with at cheap price.