Conquer the Mt.Ulap with batchmates

Mt.Ulap is the mountain which has 1846 MSL, and permitted to climb from 2015. It is located near Baguio, many tourists visit Mt.Ulap for its beautiful scenery.
We, Aron, Judie, Catherine, Daniel, are batchmates. In one class, one teacher recommended for us to go to mount Mt. Ulap, that’s why we decided to go there. We got a taxi in front of the academy, we had to pay 500pesos.
After 40m, we arrived at Ampucao elementary school, which is the starting point.
We paid 1000 pesos
(100*4+600, entrance + guide fee) in total.
finally, at 7:50am we went toward mount Mt. Ulap
with our guide.
From inside the car leading to the entrance of Mt. Ulap, the scenery was incredible harmony with a spotless void, a pure heaven and a majestic bluish mountain.
It was really amazing 🙂 From the middle of the mountain, the secrets of Mt.Ulap are slowly peeling away.
by the time we reach the top.
we felt awesome !!
because the sky color was so smooth
and the ambiance was fantastic.
The road back to the starting point was a series of pain, leaving behind the ecstasy of the high moment.
From unpredictable little stones to big ones, they threatened us. But with our tenacious spirit
we struggled with the downward spiral, picking up traces of blisters and stiff flesh on our feet.
As we went downhill, we saw people sliding down the hillside by the crisis of the mountain.
Despite these dangers. we didn’t give up until the end. The moment we reached the end and we were relieved.
Those who want to indulge nature needs to suffer the consequences…. It was a truly bitter and sweet, experienced with mixed emotions.
After coming down from a hill we found shoes which were dirty. We took a taxi. We arrived at the base of the mountain and took a jeepney from the base to the academy. It took about forty minutes.
Apparently, mountains make us happy and relaxed. We could inhale fresh air, it was such a beautiful view compare to korea’s mountain.
Even though, descending the hill was too slippery
it was a special experience we will never forget.