Journey to Mt. Ulap!

Today, It was a nice day and terrible day.
We went to Mt.Ulap with a teacher, Yoonbae, Jonathan, John and Momoka.
The weather was very good. There`s no rain, cloudy and comfortable.
Whole trip was really happy and full of joy.
We went to Jollibee for buying lunch before we took a Jeep.
We met Holland person who is married with a Filifino.
He is traveling to Baguio for Luna`s new year. It took around 1hour to get to the entrance.
When we got to the Mt.Ulap, we realized that Jonathan lost his wallet. There`re 2 credit cards, 1 saving card and 700 pesos.
At first, it was very hard to climb, because the mountain is too diagonal and long distance.
But the beautiful scenery and good hiking mates let us think it is worth.
We took so many pictures here, and that’s why the long journey was never boring at all. We hiked by taking pictures of each other if there were any good places.
By the time we reached the top of the mountain, the water we had already begun to show the floor
we were so thirsty that we jokingly asked our guide if there was a convenience store here.
But she said there is no convenience store and there is a store where I can buy water. We walked briskly there with the idea of drinking water.
We will remember such unforgettable memories as a precious day to give each other gifts. I’d like to offer to go to this place and thank the teacher for accompanying me.
Although Jonathan had a bad day to lose his wallet, I think it was a really valuable day except for it.