Palawan : One of the most wonderful place!!

I have been in TALK ACADEMY for 2 months. I took a trip to Palawan with my batchmates.
They would graduate a week later, so I left for the last time to have good memories. Because it took half a day to travel from Baguio to Palawan, I was hesitant to go at first.
However, I decided to go because many people said that it is worth going.
We took a photo before taking a flight to Palawan at Clark International Airport.
At that time, we were very tired because we took a bus at dawn and arrived at Clark International Airport in the morning.
One piece of picture from the plane going to Palawan.
After the plane took off, I started to feel like we are on a trip.
Finally, we arrived at Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
We departed from Baguio City at 1 AM and we arrived to Puerto Princesa, Palawan at 11 AM
This is the hotel where we have stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. At that time, we were exhausted
because It took 10 hours to come here.
But as soon as we saw the hotel, we gained strength again. Palawan was humid and hot that day, so we wanted to jump seeing the pool.
We put our luggage in the hotel, quickly changed into a bathing suit and played in the pool.
After swimming, we were hungry and came out for a meal.
We found a good place that is close to our hotel and has a good review from Google Maps.
Crocodile Sisig!!
We had a Crocodile Sisig for the first time
it tasted similar to pork Sisig
We ordered shrimps. Although we ordered it near the sea, it was not at a reasonable cost. However, it was delicious.

We took 3 tours in Palawan.

First day : Fireflies Tour.
Second day : Underground River Tour.
Third day : Hopping Tour.
We came to the dock to take the Underground River Tour.
Fireflies are seen well in the dark, so the tour started at night.
It took about 2 hours to come here from our hotel.
We started the firefly tour after dinner
To see fireflies, we had to take a boat and follow a long river. Fireflies began to appear after about ten minutes. When I saw fireflies for the first time, I was so excited. On the other hand, firefly’s light is not as bright as I expected,
so I was disappointed a little bit
After the firefly tour, we returned to our hotel and slept early for the second tour.
The second tour is the underground river tour!
Unlike the firefly tour, We had to get up early in the morning for the underground river tour. I got up immediately as soon as hearing the alarm
We left for the underground river tour with a sleepy state.
unfortunately, we had a lot of troubles in the second tour.
We had to stay in a narrow van for two hours.
when I arrived there were many people waiting for the tour
so we had to wait for two hours.
We were also very hungry because we didn’t have breakfast.
But from the start of the tour, we gained strength again.
As you can see in the picture, the scenery was so beautiful.
Last tour is Hopping Tour.
Hopping tour is what I expected most
I was looking forward to Hopping Tour because I enjoyed Hopping tour too much in Cebu before.
I really felt good when I snorkeled in the clean and calm sea.
It’s so sad that there is no place to snorkel like the Philippines in Korea.
In order to take a good photo, I tried to jump 10 times.
There was a jump stand so I jumped and played.
Personally, this was the most fun.
The last trip was over with this photo. I was so sad when I went back to Baguio City again. I want to go to Puerto Princesa, Palawan again next time.