A glorious trip to Coron

On the first day of the trip, we arrived at Busuanga(Coron) Airport from Clark. Upon arrival at the airport, what stood out was the monuments of KOICA and the Philippines. Perhaps, KOICA helped build the Coron Airport. When I looked at the monument with Korea’s national flag, I felt pride of my country. We went straight to the hotel because we were very tired due to a long time in the bus. We were hungry after taking a rest so we went to Carl’s BBQ famous for pork rib and skewer.
After dinner, we booked a hopping tour and came back to the hotel.
On the second day of the trip, we woke up at 7 a.m., thanks to the hopping tour we had reserved and rode on the pick-up car in hasty. Most of us were nervous because it was our first time on a hopping tour, but when we started, we all had a lot of fun.
It was impressive to see various corals and many fish in the sea and to swim in the lake wearing life vests during the hopping tour.
On the third day of the trip, we went to eat alligator meat recommended by many teachers in academy before going on a trip to Coron. We ate alligator meat sisig and unlike pork sisig, it was a little chewy and delicious. And we ate red crab with alligator meat.
After lunch, we decided to go up the mountain in the middle of Coron Island. Although it was hard to climb more than 750 stairs in total, I was so proud to myself and the view was so beautiful. Seeing the sunset of pastelton as well as the scenery made me feel better.
On the last day of our departure from Coron, we played in hotel swimming pool all day and ordered food through room service. Not only the trip to Baguio but also the trip to Coron was a memory that I would never forget.