Unforgettable Travel to Palawan !

Hello!! I’m Evelyn and I am a student of Talk Academy.

We traveled to Palawan from November 19th to 23rd.
At 10 PM, we took a joy bus from Baguio to Manila. And then we took a one and a half hour flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa Airport.
We were so tired that we had a break after we arrived in Palawan. After a short break, we went on a firefly tour.
The firefly tour is located in kitu kito, about 30 minutes from the city.
We were able to catch fireflies among the myriad of stars and trees. We crossed through the mangrove forests in a dark night on a boat.
It was so dark that we couldn’t even leave a picture of the stars and fireflies, so it remains more clearly in our memories.
On the second day, we visited Honda Bay near the hotel and enjoyed a hopping tour. Honda Bay is located close to the downtown of Puerto Princesa, and it is a well-known tourist destination for Koreans.
It was done by taking a boat with a guide and visiting around five uninhabited islands.
While visiting 5 islands, we did activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and took pictures at the island view and photo zones. Especially Pandan Island was the most memorable island of the 5 islands.
Compared to other islands, the beaches were also neatly managed and we could enjoy various underwater activities which were free. It was a short time of a half day, but it was a tour to fully appreciate the beauty of Honda Bay.
On the third day, we took a hopping tour in Port Barton, about three hours away from Puerto Princesa.
Port Barton has not yet become famous to Koreans, but we were expecting because of the hearsay that it is very beautiful.
Port Barton was a quiet country beach town, but when we went out to the sea by the boat, we were able to enjoy snorkeling together with corals and sea turtles.
There were also rows of coconut trees on the island, and sunbeds and hammocks hanging from the trees for tourists. We could enjoy our leisure time lying down on our hammock and rest looking at the peaceful sea.
We haven’t been able to enjoy ourselves because we have been studying, but we’ve been relaxing in the leisurely resorts of marine sports.
Palawan’s emerald sea can be unforgettable memory on our memories even after we leave the Philippines.