Our Precious Travel in Hundred Island

At the end of a long, long language training session at Talk Academy, the graduates and our final trip to the Hundred Islands were scheduled for three nights and four days. Even before our departure, we had no idea that this day would come. But time passed by quickly, and … Continue reading “Our Precious Travel in Hundred Island”

Conquer the Mt.Ulap with batchmates

Mt.Ulap is the mountain which has 1846 MSL, and permitted to climb from 2015. It is located near Baguio, many tourists visit Mt.Ulap for its beautiful scenery. We, Aron, Judie, Catherine, Daniel, are batchmates. In one class, one teacher recommended for us to go to mount Mt. Ulap, that’s why … Continue reading “Conquer the Mt.Ulap with batchmates”