Inter-school Sports Festival

Hello, this is TALK Academy! An athletic competition was held in Baguio last November 9, 2019.

The event was organized by Koreans. The organizers prepared popular Korean games like soccer, running, “Jegi Cha-Gi”, “Jokgu”, dodge ball and more.

There was singing, dance performance and quizzes so even those who were not good at sports were also able to participate.

The event was participated by students, teachers and staff of different academies here in Baguio City. There are around 400 participants on the said event, so it was a great opportunity for TALK Academy students to interact with other students of different nationalities.

Around fifty participants of TALK Academy (Teachers and Students combined) joined in the event. The sports festival was held at a stadium called “Athletic Bowl” it is just near by the SM Mall.

The day before the competition it was raining, unfortunately. However, on the day of the actual event the weather was fantastic. So the participants were able to play and enjoy the games without worrying about getting wet.

We did our best, however we were not able to win the competition but we are still happy because it was a very fulfilling day.

Some students got a prize and they were absolutely happy with that. After the sports festival, the participants went out for a dinner.

Studying at school for a long time is quite frustrating so it is a good idea for students to play sports and release stress in this one of a kind event!