Eat Special Food in TALK Academy

We have a special meal every Friday!

Many of you may think that the meals of English academies in the Philippines are not really good. However, there are a lot of academies which provide delicious food for students nowadays.

TALK is also one of them!

Recently, many language schools offer buffet style meals in the Philippines.

TALK does not provide buffet style meals for students, but we offer a special menu every Friday.

We are serving mainly Korean cuisine, but we also serve Japanese and Filipino dishes in TALK Academy.

Surprisingly, our dinner was sushi last Friday!

There are only few restaurants which serve raw fish like Sushi in Baguio, so it is quite difficult to eat Sushi here. That is the reason why majority of students were really surprised.

Salmon was mainly used for the Sushi and students were satisfied with the quality of it. Not only Japanese students but also students from other countries liked the Sushi so much.

However, some Filipino teachers were hesitant to eat Sushi, since it is not really common for them to eat raw fish. But once they tried it, they also liked it.

It’s a must to eat delicious cuisine while studying English in the Philippines. Study with us and eat delicious food in TALK Academy!