New Students Orientation

When students arrive at TALK Academy, Of course they don’t know anything about the school and BAGUIO CITY.

Don’t worry about it!

Our managers will give you an orientation about TALK and Baguio city.

Usually, students start taking a level test from 1pm to 3:30pm.

After that TALK Academy’s student managers will give students the orientation.

They will explain the rules of TALK academy and other things that are necessary for the students.

You will also get your schedule and the result of level test in the first day.

So please check it well and make sure to remember your classrooms and name of teachers.

When the orientation is done, they will take you to SM mall if you need to buy something or exchange money.

However, we also have a small canteen in the academy if students want to buy snacks and other essentials.

If you have more questions fell free to contact us: