Baguio Philippines Talk Academy Language School Premium dormitory QUEENDOM TOWER

Hello this is Talk Academy in Baguio City Philippines.

In Talk Academy, we currently have three types of dormitories.

  1. Yangco main center
  2. The Terrace condominium, a 5 minute walk from the main center
  3. Korean style apartment in Queendom tower that takes 10-15 minutes by Academy van.

Talk Academy offers three kinds of dormitory

Today, I would like to introduce our outside premium dormitory which is the Queendom tower.

Queendom tower is located in Moran St, Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio, Benguet

Queendom tower is a Korean style premium apartment which consists of a living room, a kitchen, a big bed room, and two small bed rooms.

There are sofa and TV which you can use.

Talk academy has total of 4 units with a balcony in each.

Each balcony differs in sizes which makes it create an advantages and disadvantages.

 Extended balcony units look wider while the not extended is good for putting personal things or laundry.

The kitchen consists of home appliances such as refrigerator, microwave and etc.

Students in most dormitories in the Philippines are not allowed to cook but in the premium dormitories of Talk academy students are allowed to cook for themselves.

However, after eating the food students should clean up their wastes.

For premium dormitory, there are total of four times a day for shuttle service on weekdays.

Premium Dormitory -> Talk Academy 7 AM / 8:20 AM  

Talk Academy -> Premium Dormitory 6:30 PM/10:10PM

Shuttle service is available on weekdays only. On weekends and public holidays, car service is not available.

Students who want to eat at the school on the weekend should go to the school by themselves. But don’t worry because the academy prepares simple fruit and bread, eggs, and rice every Friday!

There are three rooms per Dormitory unit, two single rooms and one three-person room.

There are toilets and showers in the three-person room, which is shared by three people and the two single rooms use the toilet and shower in the living room.

The 5units  share the kitchen and the living room.

I heard that there are no many bathtubs in the dormitory of other academy in the Philippines but the premium dormitory of TALK has bathtubs.

As I mentioned, each unit has an extended balcony and not one that is not extended , so the structure arrangement  of each rooms might be different.

Another feature of the premium dormitory is that there is no curfew.

There are students who stay the in main center who have curfew that is until 10 pm, but for students staying in Queendom dormitory, they don’t have any curfew so if you want to take more time, I recommend the Premium Queendom Tower dormitory.

If you want to know more, please contact me anytime! 🙂