THE TERRACE – An external dormitory of TALK ACADEMY for married couple / family

Hello this is TALK ACADEMY from Baguio city, Philippines

There are only quadruple rooms in the main dormitory of TALK academy, so there were some students had difficulty when they came here with their family or the married couple.

so, I would like to introduce our new external dormitory!

It is only 5 minute walk from TALK academy

This is the outlook of The Terrace buiding.

The special thing is that every room has a balcony!

Each floor has a CCTV and there is a guard on the first floor.

There are restaurants, massage shop, and laundry shop on the first floor.

The elevator is working until 6th floor, but our dormitory rooms are on the 7th floor.

This is the stairs from 6th floor to 7th floor.

The Terrace has good sun shine!

Walk through the long hallway!

The Terrace has a studio type double room with a bath room.

There are also single and double rooms, a unit type that uses living room and bath room together or there are units which consist of two double rooms with shared living room and bath room for 4 persons.

In case of double room, there are many inquiries of couple.

There are a lot of inquiries about quadruple rooms for family cases that consists of parents and their kids.

There is a kitchen in room, so students can cook for themselves.

Especially, when the family comes together, many parents want to cook for thier kids so The Terrace is all the rage to parents!

As I mentioned earlier, every room has balcony and it is possible to smoke there.

I highly recommend our new external dormitory -The Terrace, for the family or married couple.

For inquiries, please send me an email to

thank you 🙂