TALK Academy’s meal menu

Hello this is TALK academy management!

One of the things, many students are worried about the food that suits for thier taste before coming to TALK Academy in Baguio city, Philippines

Some students go abroad for the first time, and foreign food may not suitable for their taste.

Furthermore, you need to control your condition and manage your physical fitness so that you do not fall into the truoble of studying english

However, you are in TALK academy, you can study english with delicious meals!

While there are studetns who must eat breakfast, most of the students at TALK academy are studying until late night so many students simply eat breakfast.

Breakfast is served such as weel-cooked porridge or an American breakfast style.

Lunch and dinner are great, when you come to the Philippines, you should try Filipino food too.

In the following order of pictures, Pansit is the Filipino version of Japchae, Bulalo is similar to the beef short rib soup which named Garlbitang, Lumpia is similar th the Vietnamese spring rolls and last one is named Sisig.

All the food is the favorite menu for every student!

There are also Korean menu, like Kimbap and Labokki!

Japanese students could not usually eat spicy food, but they like and eat well Labokki of TALK academy.

Bibimbap, Korean food is also available.

Vietnamese students particularly love this menu!

Summer fruits are from the Philippines in Southest Asia!

Talk academy always makes efforts to provide variety of meals.

Kimchi is also one of the favorite food of foreign students as well as the korean students.

Pork and Beef, or even many kinds of Korean style Pancake!

Redardless of nationality, meat has always been loved.

There are also chicken and spaghetti on weekends!

Dont you think it would be enough to eat at TALK academy without eating outside?

Rather than eating outside, students say that the food here is the best!

I hope TALK academy students eat well in school and study hard 🙂

if you have any question, feel free contact to us

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