This is TALK Academy’s new quad room.

We have changed the existing dormitory space to a space that can be used for individual use and can be used more widely.

We try to make student’ life easier for them in the academy.

We renovated the single beds to double-deck beds. Under each bed is a desk, bookcase, cloth cabinet and storage space. The second deck is where the bed is.

The point to consider here is the consideration of a lot of storage space for personal space (all space besides desk is storage space).

The red area is a space where students can store thier carrier, so students can use your desk more widely because you do not need to put a carrier on your desk. The yellow part is designed to connect the outlet by considering the arrangement of the electric appliance such as the charge of the mobile phone or the notebook on the desk.

The stand does not need a separate socket.

Every desk has an individual safe strongbox where students can keep their valuable things/money inside.  The strongbox does not need a key, it can be used anytime with a password.

Separately from the desk in the yellow portion of the bed is a socket to charge a mobile phone and a separate outlet where to connect the laptop. We arranged it this way for easier use. Comfortable sleeping also has a good effect on the next day school, we prepare comfortable mattress which is a cotton bedding made in KOREA . The pillow offers two types, one with a cushion pillow and one with a latex pillow.

students can look at books or cell phones in your leaning, while you can sleep on latex pillows and cushion pillows.

We have created a room for four students together.

The shoe box can store 20 pairs, students can keep up to 5 pairs per person.

If your roommate is using the showers and toilets, we have another washbasin where to brush your teeth and wash at the same time.

To use the shaver and dryer in the sink, an outlet has been added to the yellow part.

The refrigerator is enough for four people.

We will continue to develop our facilities and programs for our students.

We are proud to say that TALK Academy’s program is already the best curriculum in the Philippines.

However, we will show you the true value of the language school that we think will continue to develop and develop.

Thank you!!!