Teachers Pronunciation Trainning

Hello This is TALK academy management.

Before students come here, they are worried about Philippine teachers’ level .

Dont worry! TALK academy has Teachers Training regulary.

Teachers Training is conducted during the weekend. During weekdays we have classes.

This time we had Teachers Pronunciation Training.

Teachers! Thank you for coming and joning in TALK Academy Traning.

We prepared snacks for teachers.

This pronunciation training was conducted by T. NICO.

He has been working for 7 years with TALK academy.

Everyone was ardently and concentratedly to get score!

This time trainning was about <Pronunciation> and TALK academy also does training for the other subject!

Dont worry about the other subject too!

Thank you again for coming and joining the training!

Speacially T. NICO !

And we hope this trainning was helpful the teachers and the students also!