Hello this is TALK academy management 🙂

Today i will let you know how to do laundry in TALK academy. Almost all coming students are wondering about laundry process in the school.

Students arrive in TALK academy, first day of the week is Monday thier will be an orientation with managers.

We aways mention about <LOCAL PAYMENT> during the orientation

Local Payment is about visa extention,SSP, Book, ID, Utility, Maintenace, etc. Students need to pay for local payment on Tuesday in the office.

For TALK academy case, when students arrive here, need pay for only local payment and no more additional pay. Laundry is also included in local payment.

Laundry’s case, it depends on the academy. Some academies don’t have thier own laundry service. Talk academys’ case we have our own laundry service for students. So students have no limit for the time and the weight for the thier laundry without additional fee.

For laundry service time is 7 am to 8 pm

This is laundry form. student should fill up that form. This form will put on the laundry basket. The basket will give to the laundry staff or put in front of the laundry area.

notice <shoese and bags not allow laundry>

TALK academy uses only laundry detergent. We do not use softener like DOWNY.

Becuase some students dont like softener smell and some students have softener allergies. Thats why we only use detergent. If students want to put softener, only in that case students may need to buy themselves.

Those are TALK academy’s laundry washing machine and dryer. The dryer may have damages for students’ clothes. I recomend some valued cloth / lingerie / easy tear cloth better washing hands.

The laundry may take 1-2 days, after finishing laundry, the cleaner staffs fold students laundry and put in front of the laundry area.

Students need to remember that laundry form number and get your things!

In addition, for blanket and cover for the bed, students mentioned to the launry staff by yourself, our staff will change your blanket/ cover.

Of course, we put washed blanket/cover when new students come here.

Dont worry about your laundry! Even the other things.

We try to provide the best for the students in studying english for better environment at TALK !