Talk Academy ESL: How to Introduce Yourself in English

How to Introduce Yourself and the answer to that question
“tell me about yourself”.
You might need to introduce yourself without any forewarning and you may also need to introduce yourself in your English class.

1. Greetings : Hello , it’s nice to meet you.
2. My name is______.
3. I am from___
4. I live in ____
5. I’ve been learning English for ____
6. I’m learning English at ( the preposition may get removed or me change ) ,you can say
7. I’m learning English at ____
8. Hobbies: I really like ____
I’m a big fan of ____
9. I really like _____— I’m a fan of_____—
10. I am ___ years old

So now you know how to introduce yourself in your English class See you soon for another lesson .

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