Talk Academy ESL: 5 Common Grammar Mistakes

For today’s video we’re going to learn advanced English grammar. We prepared a few examples for us to answer together, and these are the most common grammatical problems we make every day.

Let’s take a look at some of these examples

1. I’m really looking forward to meet you Look forward to = gerund (verb +ing)

2. I have a four years old daughter.
Hyphenated adjectives= four-year-old daughter

3. In behalf of my team, I’d like to thank the judges for this award
On behalf of my company, I would like to donate this money in behalf of the starving street children
on behalf – in place of, as a part of, a representative of
in behalf – for the benefit of, for the advantage of

4. Even though he’s poor, I will like him.
Even if- unknown fact / even though- known fact

5. I suggested him to take it.
Suggest + that clause= I suggested (that) he take it
Suggest + gerund (V-ing)= I suggested taking it
Subjunctive mood- the verb takes the base form

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