TALK Academy’s Premium Dormitory

In Talk Academy, we currently have three types of accommodation

  1. Yangco Main Center
  2. The Terrace Condominium, a 5 minute walk from the main center.
  3. Premium Dormitory

Today, we would like to introduce our premium dormitory, a Korean style apartment that takes 10-15 minutes by Academy van.

Queendom Tower

Queendom Tower is a Korean style premium apartment which consists of a living room, a kitchen, a big bed room and two small bed rooms.

Address: Moran St., Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio City, Benguet

This dormitory has the best facility among the accommodations offered by TALK Academy. It is really convenient for those who are planning to study for a long time in our school.

It is a bit far from our main campus, but no worries because we provide shuttle service for our students living in the premium dormitory.

Schedule of the Shuttle service:

Queendom Tower to Talk Academy (7 am and 8:20 am)  

Talk Academy to Queendom Tower (6:30 pm and 10:10 pm)

Note: Shuttle is only available on weekdays

Students who want to eat at the school on weekends should go to the school by themselves. But do not worry because the academy prepares fruit, bread, eggs and rice every Friday.

There are three rooms in one unit which are two single rooms and one three-person room. Each unit has its own big living room, kitchen and two bathroom. The bathroom in our premium dormitory has a bathtub which other academy in the Philippines does not have.

Five students shares the living room and the kitchen.
The kitchen consists of home appliances such as refrigerator, microwave and other utensils.

Many language schools in the Philippines do not allow their students to cook in their dormitories. However, we allow students to cook for themselves because it is a good opportunity interact and befriend other students, but after eating students must clean up their wastes.

You will never feel uncomfortable in sleeping.

The premium dormitory has a TV set that is not available in our other dormitories. Students can watch various TV programs, YouTube, and Netflix.

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch TV and take a break sometimes?

The biggest advantage of this dormitory is that, it is comfortable to live in and you can have some personal time which you cannot do in other dormitories.

There is no curfew in our Premium Dormitory!

Yangco main center has a curfew. Students can go out until 10 pm only, but for students staying in Queendom dormitory, they do not have any curfew so if they want to take more time to take a stroll around Baguio City they can do so without worrying about the time.

If you want to have more relaxing time while studying in TALK Academy, we recommend you to stay in our premium dormitory.