Conquer the Mt.Ulap with batchmates

Mt.Ulap is the mountain which has 1846 MSL, and permitted to climb from 2015. It is located near Baguio, many tourists visit Mt.Ulap for its beautiful scenery. We, Aron, Judie, Catherine, Daniel, are batchmates. In one class, one teacher recommended for us to go to mount Mt. Ulap, that’s why … Continue reading “Conquer the Mt.Ulap with batchmates”

San Juan, The Surfing Capital of the North

Baguio, is a city in the mountainous region of the Northern part of Luzon, so you cannot see the seas often Today we are going to introduce to you about the beach which is 2 hours away from Baguio City. The name of the place is called “San Juan, La … Continue reading “San Juan, The Surfing Capital of the North”