Have to go here, Boracay!

Hello, we are students attending the Talk Academy. While we were studying hard, there was a holiday, and we checked the cheap airline ticket and went to Boracay as a trip. It is good to study hard, but being able to take such a good trip is also an advantage … Continue reading “Have to go here, Boracay!”

After traveling San Fernando

This travel plan was my last weekend plan in Baguio. First of all, I was not planning to travel because I heard Philippines is a very dangerous place but when I stayed here for 7 weeks and I feel safe so I planned to go to San Fernando on my … Continue reading “After traveling San Fernando”

Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay

Two months after I started studying English at Baguio Talk Academy, my son and I were excited to go on a trip to Boracay. My son PAUL wanted to learn English to be a major league baseball player. I left my teaching career for 11 years and left with my … Continue reading “Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay”