A Fine Dining Experience – Le Chef at the Manor

Le Chef at The Manor at Camp John Hay is regarded as one of the best fine-dining restaurants in BAGUIO. People would go up to BAGUIO just to taste food with the classic BAGUIO log cabin ambience. Le Chef has been providing French dishes for 17 years in this restaurant. … Continue reading “A Fine Dining Experience – Le Chef at the Manor”

Have to go here, Boracay!

Hello, we are students attending the Talk Academy. While we were studying hard, there was a holiday, and we checked the cheap airline ticket and went to Boracay as a trip. It is good to study hard, but being able to take such a good trip is also an advantage … Continue reading “Have to go here, Boracay!”

Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay

Two months after I started studying English at Baguio Talk Academy, my son and I were excited to go on a trip to Boracay. My son PAUL wanted to learn English to be a major league baseball player. I left my teaching career for 11 years and left with my … Continue reading “Edward and Paul’s trip to Boracay”