Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What kind of food does Talk academy serve?
    • Talk academy serves various food. But it’s not only for Koreans. We serve rice, meat, vegetable, fruits.
  2. I’m super beginner. Can I take the class?
    • Yes. You can take and improve English with our curriculum. On the first day, students take placement test and then they will take class on their levels.
  3. What clothes do I pack for studying in Baguio?
    • Baguio city has a cool climate. At night, people feel cold sometimes. We recommend you to bring long-sleeves and cardigan.
  4. What is EOP?
    • EOP is the abbreviation for English Only Policy. It means students who stay in Talk academy should use English when they talk. If they break the EOP, they get penalty.
    • EOP rule is from 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. everyday.
      But at lunch time, dinner time and vocabulary test, no EOP rule. Students can use their language in the dormitory and office during that time.
  5. How to send my parcel to Talk academy?
    • You can send your parcel through post office delivery service and other delivery service such as DHL and FEDEX.
  6. What is the ARP?
    • ARP is the abbreviation for Alien Registration Program.
    • From Oct.1 2014, ARP is required to process ARP for people who stay in the Philippines over 59 days.
    • TALK Academy will process your VISA and SSP on behalf of you.
    • The process is showed below
      1.Visit Immigration in Baguio
      2.Register your fingerprint and take picture of your face
      *People who is required to process ARP, must go to Immigration directly. Of course, one of staffs in TALK Academy will accompany you to immigration.
      *Precautions : Wearing slipper, skirt, short pants, a sleeveless shirt are prohibited and not allowed.
  7. What is the SSP?
    • SSP is required to process SSP for students who want to study in the Philippines.
    • SSP is the abbreviation for Special Study Permit.
    • SSP is a permit issued by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration for foreign nationals to allow them to study in an institute or academy. Once a permit is issued, it is valid for 6 months.
    • TALK Academy will process your VISA and SSP on behalf of you.
  8. How much does it cost to study English and live in Baguio?
    • In case of Talk academy’s student, usually, they spend 200 ~ 300 U.S Dollars for a month.
      Students have different spending habits, cause of this, The expenses are shown in detail below.

      [A probable cost for 1 month]
      1) Transportation expenses : around 20 U.S Dollars
      2) Communication charge (Buying SIM-Card and Date Card) : around 10~30 U.S Dollars
      3) The cost of eating out : around 50~100 U.S Dollars
      4) Shopping and others : around 50~100 U.S Dollars
      5) Travel and Activity fare : 50~100 U.S Dollars
  9. How is the weather in Baguio usually?
    • Baguio city is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters and is known for its mild climate owing to its high elevation. Weather in almost all cities in the Philippines is hot. But in Baguio, Don’t worry about the weather anymore. Always mild and cool!
      We recommend you bring long sleeves and jacket.