Procedure for studying abroad

1. Find out what you need

The first thing to do when you plan to study abroad is to know your goals.
For example, if you have plans to enter university, migrate, seek a job in western countries or finish university, you need TOEIC and IELTS score.
In addition, TOEIC and IELTS score is needed for working holiday and OJT programs.
If you have any goal or plan, we can help and give you useful information to go the right way.
Just contact us or contact agency in your country.
We will help you!

2. Get counseling about the course and duration of study

Before you start studying abroad, we recommend you to know your English level and which course will you take and how long will you study. If you don’t check your English level and don’t have specific plans about the course and duration of studythan, period of studying English will be longer than what you expected.

3. Check vacancy and tuition fee

When you finished deciding what course to take and period of studying, go to the next step.
Next step is choosing your dormitory.
In peak season such as January -March and June – August, we recommend you to contact us to check the vacancy at least three months earlier.
In normal season, we recommend you to contact us to check the vacancy two months earlier.
The sooner you prepare, the better you can arrange your dormitory reservation.

4. Arrange dormitory and register

When dormitory reservation is complete, you can get invoice of tuition fee and dormitory fee.
Check the invoice and make the necessary payment to the agency. The registration will be completed once the remittance has been accepted. After registration, please take LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from agency.
LOA confirms that you are allowed to study together with the details of your course and duration of stay in TALK academy.

5. Get ready to go!(Passport, Flight ticket, Insurance)

Registration complete and LOA given. What’s next?
We recommend you to study English and memorize vocabulary as much as you can before you start studying in the Philippines.
Don’t think about doing all that in the academy.
Please study basic grammar and patterns in conversation. Of course, you can improve your English in the academy, but if you learn the basics of grammar and patterns, you can see your progress easily and improve your English better.
When you are booking your flight ticket, please book it on the day when you can get pick-up service(you can check the official pick-up date on website) and choose the destination whether in Manila or Clark airport.
If you cannot match the schedule to our official pick-up date, you can use individual pick-up service or you can come by yourself.
If you can come to the academy by yourself, please check the page : The way to Baguio before you leave.
Before you book the ticket, please check your passport, at least 6 months validity required.

6. Send your flight information and pack your things up

When you complete buying your flight ticket, send your flight ticket to agency or us.
Before you pack your things up up, please check orientation document which you got from us.
We will pick you up on the day you arrive. If you come by yourself, don’t forget to check our contacts as well as emergency contacts.

7. Start studying in the academy

We welcome you to study English in Talk academy.
On the first day, you will take a rest in the morning and then have lunch.
After lunch, you will take the placement test and orientation follows. It will be finish before 5:00PM
Have dinner at 6:00 PM, managers who are in charge of their country will take new students to SM mall to assist them in exchanging their money to Philippine currency, buy anything they need and head back to the academy.
The next day, class starts from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
If you have any inquiries, feel free to come to the office.