Short term study

Short term studying (1~2weeks)

I want to study English but I don’t have enough time for study.
I want to improve my English in short period.
I want to study English and travel in short period.

Special intensive teaching system in TALK!

Short-term program

All courses offer one on one class for 7 hours a day.
The following is a list of courses you can take in a short period basis.
ESL, Power Speaking, IELTS, TOEIC courses.
All Classes are one on one class and teachers comprehensively teach the subjects to the students.
Of course, group class is also important to learners, but the learners who take short-term program have only 1 or 2 weeks time for studying. For that reason, we offer all classes with one on one class.
Before entering the Philippines, takers should take placement test in advance.
Short-term program can be taken maximum of 2 weeks only.

Fees in Yangco cetner
Period Double room Triple room Quad room
1 week 500 USD 400 USD 350 USD
2 weeks 1000 USD 800 USD 700 USD

Test preparation courses

If you want to take test preparation course and official test in short term, please let us know in advance. We will apply for official test on your behalf.