Long term study

Long term (6~12months)

I’m a beginner. Can I speak English fluently after studying?
I can do basic conversation. Can I get high score in IELTS?
I want to enter universities or get a job in foreign countries!
I want to enter university in the Philippines.

You study longer in TALK, you get more in TALK.

The reason for long term studying the English Language

The master plan of English
Starting line is important. And we can know how much you can improve based on your starting line. It means, before studying English in the Philippines, you should study basic English first.
If the person studied English for 12 weeks already, study 12 weeks more, he/she can speak English fluently and handle some problems easily in English.
‘Study English seriously for 6 months and then live for 60 years well in English’ is Talk academy’s slogan.
Achieve the IELTS score
A good IELTS score is mandatory for admission in the universities of UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Even universities in U.S.A require IELTS score as well.
To ensure success in migration or entering the university, the first step is to study IELTS.
Entering the university in the Philippines
We just recommend the students who want to study Nursing, Hotel Restaurant Management or English Language and Literature to prepare and enter the university in the Philippines. It’s a good option to the person who considers entering the university in foreign countries.
The students who take the majors mentioned above have good advantage of working in foreign countries.
Tuition fee in university is 1,000USD per year and TALK Academy assists you with all the necessary procedures such as admission, academic management, way of living and so on.

There is no recommendation to study longer

It is good for TALK Academy, if the student stays longer .
But we don’t recommend them to study longer.
We just recommend them to study effectively to save money and time.

  1. Study basic things about English before you start studying English in the Philippines
  2. During your study in the Philippines, prepare tomorrow’s lesson and review the thing that you learned today.
  3. Memorize vocabulary everyday and try to use it during conversation.
  4. Meet foreign friends to practice the things that you learned.

If you follow two of those things mentioned above, you will improve your English and ensure success in your studies.

Counseling first

Set your goals and plan first.
Everything should be prepared well before you start studying English.
Getting counseling about studying abroad is advisable first.
Consultant will give you useful information and guide you the right way.
If you need counseling from us, please contact us.
We have consultants who can speak English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese.
Just contact us first and we will set a goal together.