Intensive Speaking

Intensive Speaking course(8weeks ~ 12weeks)
Who wants to take intensive speaking course?

Do you want to improve your English during school vacation?
You have a plan to travel around-the-world , but English language is a must to know
You have a plan to study abroad in U.S.A or Canada But you worry about your English skill
You studied vocabulary and grammar but cannot speak fluently

TALK Academy helps you speak English fluently!!

The basics are the most important things in English

It is very important to build up the basics for students who study English in a short period of time.
Especially students who only study for 4weeks feel they wasted their time studying the language.
How to prepare and build up the basics in English before studying in the Philippines?
Set up 30 minutes to 1 hour for yourself.
Go to the bookstore and buy basic pattern and grammar books in English
Just read lightly everyday for 1~2 months.
If you have basics before studying in the Philippines, you can achieve maximum level of efficiency.

I don’t have preparation before studying in the Philippines

That’s a problem.
Students who studied the basics before entering the Philippines means they can learn more effectively in class than others who didn’t prepare yet.
Let’s have time to study more and do it right now.
We recommend you to take ESL 521 for 4weeks first and then take Power speaking course for 8weeks later. With ESL 521 lectures, you can learn basic grammar, vocabulary and patterns.
It’s more effective to take Power speaking course after ESL 521 for 4weeks.

  • 4weeks
    ESL 521
  • +
  • 8weeks
  • =
  • 12weeks
    Speaking master

I can speak basic English but I want to speak English more fluently

If you studied basic English already, we recommend you to take Power speaking right away.
You can express your thoughts and opinions if you take Power speaking for 8weeks.
After Power Speaking, study English by online English or You tube.
You can improve your English by yourself. Because you know how to study English after experiencing it in the Philippines.