Best price

Low-cost study abroad

I want to study abroad but my budget is not enough.
Low quality lectures with low-cost?
Low quality dormitory with low-cost?
Low quality meals served with low-cost?

TALK Academy provides best quality of lectures with best price!

ESL 421 + Quad room

We provide courses and dormitories with low-cost for the students who feel some pressure about the price.

Offered low quality lecture with low-cost?
Classroom, teachers and textbooks are same with other courses.
The only difference is 1 hour of one on one class less than other courses.
Including group class and night class, if you take all classes offered by the academy, you can study English for 10 hours a day.
Different dormitory offered with low-cost?
Dormitory in Yangco campus is bigger than other academies, good for 6 people and they have balcony. It’s very comfortable to live in. Also, all facilities in Talk Academy are offered to students same as others.
Low quality meals offered with low-cost?
Korean chef manages all menus served, also we gather opinion about the food from students and serve the way they want it. Always vegetables, meats and fruits are served for their health.