This time we would like to introduce the mountain which you can hike with your friends on weekend in Baguio City.

The name of the mountain is called Mount Ulap. Which is about 40 minutes from Baguio by public jeepney.

Mount Ulap showcases the best of what the Cordillera has to offer. Spanning around 8 kilometers through several peaks along Ampucao, Sta. Fe ridge, it is a perfect day hike.

The highest point of Mt. Ulap is 1846 meters above sea level (official measurement).

This article is for those who wants to hike and climb on weekend.

It is easy to stroll and enjoy beautiful scenery. It requires a little more physical strength than Mount Kalugong.

Mount Kalugong is also popular among students since it is quite easy to ramble and have fun.

You can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery as shown in the picture. It is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a higher level of hiking.

It takes about 2 to 4 hours to climb to the summit, although there are individual differences.

Let’s breathe fresh air and enjoy wonderful scenery at the top of the mountain. There is no doubt that the fatigue of studying on weekdays will disappear.

You can climb after completing the procedure at Barangay Hall of Ampucao at the foot of the mountain.

Let’s enjoy your Baguio’s life with wonderful mountains.