How to get to Clark Dau Terminal via Victory Liner Bus

If you are studying at TALK Academy Baguio City, you will be arriving in Manila or Clark Airport in the Philippines.

When students graduate they must book their own bus ticket going to the airport.

Today, I would like to introduce Victory Liner Inc., the only bus company that has a route from Baguio to Clark, Dau Terminal.

Victory Liner bus terminal is just 5 minutes away from TALK Academy. Students going to Clark should go to Victory Liner because it is more convenient as it is near the academy.

The Victory Liner Bus Terminal has a waiting area on the first floor and a ticket booth on the second floor where you can book a bus ticket.

To get to Clark, you have to check the time at the place called “Dau”.

It takes 20-30 minutes by taxi from Dau Terminal to Clark International Airport!

The bus going to TPLEX is a direct bus.

It takes four hours to get to TPLEX Baguio – Dau.

Buses that are not en route to TPLEX has a lot of stops along the way so it will take approximately six hours from Baguio to the Dau Terminal.

Tickets can be booked up to two weeks in advance and the ticket costs 306 pesos.

Be careful not to lose your ticket and be there 20 minutes before the departure time!  

Do not be late!

Taxis are always waiting in front of the Baguio Victory Liner Bus Terminal in the Philippines.

Victory Liner bus seats are moderate, not too wide or narrow.

However, since air conditioner is strong, we recommend that you take your coat before taking a ride.

There is a bus stop where you use the toilet and buy food so do not worry.

From Clark Terminal to Baguio, you can get on the Victory Liner by going to Dau Jones Terminal, just locate the bus going to Baguio. You can board if there is an empty seat, and just pay the fare in the bus.

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