Below are the testimonials on how to use Smart Wisdom Chip Promotion in Baguio Language School in the Philippines

Hello, this is Baguio Talk Language School in the Philippines!

 Can you imagine life without a cell phone and a laptop these days?

The first thing students do when they first arrive in the Philippines is to buy a sim card.

In the Philippines, smart and globe carriers are the most common telecommunication company.

The majority of students at the language school are using a smart carrier.

The method in using the sim card in the existing mobile phone is by purchasing only the local sim card in the Philippines. The smart card is 40 pesos.

Above is Smart’s official website in the Philippines.

Telecommunication fees are not postpaid, but prepaid.

Each student can choose his / her own data plan.

There are a variety of plans to choose from, including a plan that can be used only for internet, call and text and only call, etc.

The picture above shows the data plan from smart homepage.

 Talk language students prefer the 999 pesos which has an internet 8-g service plan in 30 days!

This is the recommended data plan at Talk Language School!

There is a hassle of re-charging every week using a 2GB data card plan which has a validity for 7days is better than registering for the promotion of gigasurf + 999, for they will have the same feature and you can save an amount of 599 in span of 30days. To do this, first Scratch the protective ink on the back and a number will be reveal, enter the code by dialing 1510 followed by the and press the call button.

after the process a confirmation will be send to you via text message that means the charge is complete!

Please note that you must first tap Phone Settings – Turn Off Cellular Data before buying, charging card and registering your plan in the Philippines! Now you can enjoy internet connection.

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