Panagbenga Flower Festival

This time we would like to introduce one of the best festivals in the Philippines.
Panagbenga is an annual flower festival which is held every February in Baguio city, Philippines.
The word Panagbenga is a from them local Kankanaey language, means “blooming ”.
The first festival was held in 1996 and used as a means of recovering after the devastation that Baguio got from the earthquake in 1990.
After that more and more people started to come over to see the awesome festival in the country.
The event now promotes commerce and development for both Baguio and the surrounding areas.
Panagbenga begins on February 1st, real crowd draws happen between February 29th to march 1st, because of the parades.
The month-long festival starts at the 1st day of February with an opening activities organized by City government and private sectors. Also many activities are usually celebrate on the duration of the month.
Listed below are the program of the festival in this year.
The theme for this year is : “Blooming Through the years.”
The Grand Street Dance Parade will held on the 29th of February, while the Grand Float Parade will be on March 1st.
We recommend you to avoid going there in the end of February, if you want to see the special festival .
Let’s enjoy the amazing festival while you’re staying in Baguio!