We offer 3 special benefits to IELTS students

TALK Academy offers special and specialized lecture to learners.
There are 3 special cores.

1. We operate IELTS  course only for Maximum 10 students.

We fully understand the IELTS learner really needs their target. Because most people who need IELTS score for migration to Canada and Australia or applying for university in western countries. For these reasons, we offer super-qualified teachers who can teach IELTS very well to learners.

Our mission is that we help them to achieve their target score for a limited period and serve qualified lectures for them.

We offer two IELTS Courses. One is intensive IELTS course, another one is Guarantee IELTS course.
Intensive IELTS is recommended for IELTS Starters and beginner.
Guarantee IELTS is recommended for whom need IELTS of overall above 5.5 scores.

2. Only Guarantee IELTS course offers Man to Man(1:1) class with native teachers(American/British/Australian) for 1 hour.
Learner who takes Guarantee IELTS course can practice spoken and actual English with native teacher.

3. Lastly, we offer Official IELTS test for free to Guarantee IELTS students once during 12 weeks.
IELTS test fee is 10,300 PESOS and it is worth about 200 US dollars.
Theses special benefits and qualified teachers make you achieve your goal.