TOEIC Score +300! for 12weeks

TALK Academy is the first school to start and operate TOEIC score guarantee course in the Philippines.

We guarantee that learner can improve their at least TOEIC 300 scores for 12weeks.

TALK Academy’s guarantee course is designed to guarantee 600,800,900 TOEIC score.

We are really ready for offering qualified lecture for beginner to intermediate for TOEIC.

The most important goal is we make learners not only achieve their target score but also make them have good English as well.

Most people who have high TOEIC score don’t have good speaking and writing skills in English.

We assist our students to improve their speaking and writing skills, which is necessary to achieve higher TOEIC score.

What if you cannot get guaranteed score such as 600, 800, 900 within 12 weeks?Absolutely, no problem.

We offer TOEIC classes for free until you achieve your score.
(except for Dormitory and Miscellaneous fees such as visa extension, text book, service and etc..)

We guarantee a success rate of 99% achieving their target score.

You can achieve your target score and TOEIC speaking level as well in TALK Academy.

Fall forward. We will help you up again.
TALK Academy is the best school of teaching TOEIC course.