Feel the Sizzle at Sizzling Plate Steak House

There are many kinds of restaurants in Baguio City and that is the reason why you can try wide range of cuisines here.

This time we would like to introduce one of the most popular restaurants in Baguio called “Sizzling Plate”.

Sizzling Plate is a casual steakhouse with that wooden “cowboy” vibe.

There are 4 branches in Baguio City, and all of them are usually full of customers.

As compared to other steakhouse in Baguio, the food here is quite reasonable, so you can try their awesome meals whenever you want.

We just visited there a week ago for our lunch.

They gave soup for us before the steak was served. It was quite delicious and satisfying.

They offer various types of steaks, but personally I recommend the garlic steak!

Plenty of garlic is on top of the steak that has been perfectly grilled. As I recommended to my friends, we ordered medium rare garlic steaks. They grilled it just right, so it was so tasty and of course delicious.

All of the item in their menu is served with rice.

Sizzling Plate will not disappoint you with their quality meat at a reasonable price. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable in their menu as well as gives recommendation with confidence.

It’s an undoubtedly great place to consider if you are craving for steak in the city.

This is really a must-to-go restaurant while you are staying in Baguio City!